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Best Height To Hang Your TV | Mounting Dream

Best Height To Hang Your TV If you want to maximize your space at home and mount a TV to the wall, you’ll need to figure out the best height to hang your TV. The position, height and angle are all important if you want to mount a TV correctly. Since this simple task...
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How to Manage Cables after Wall Mounting a TV?

A TV mounted without cable organized is not a completed work. Most of the customers explained that they are glad to manage these naughty cables, but don’t know how. Let alone it takes over 50 dollars to call an installation team to hide the cables - it is expensive. Save your money and DIY...
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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Mounting the TV

Usually, A TV bracket comes with a step-by-step manual to ensure that you mount it right. However, according to our feedback from customers and installation teams, there are still some mistakes that people made in their mounting process. In some cases, people have to halt their work, correct the wrong steps and mount it...
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