Customer Reviews

Customer Feedback of Mounting Dream Tilt Mount MD2268-LK

If people ask “which model is the hot seller among all of Mounting Dream TV mount?” My answer will be “Mounting Dream MD2268-LK.” Mounting Dream MD2268-LK is the Annual Bestseller in 2019, too. On Amazon every 3 minutes, a Mounting Dream 2268-LK selles to an American family.  Mounting Dream 2268-LK is a tilt TV...
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Mounting Dream MD2380 Customer Feedback

Mounting Dream MD2380 TV wall mount is one of our annual best sellers since 2016. The Mounting Dream MD2380 holds both a design patent and an invention patent. It is not a pricy piece at all, MD2380 only costs less than $45, owns 4.8 high-rate on Amazon. Mounting Dream MD2380 is a full-motion TV...
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TV Mounting Gallery - Customer’s DIY Work Show

Have you ever thought of mounting the TV by yourself? Ahead of you, many of our customers mounted their TV successfully without installation service. Let’s have a look at their work on this blog! And we believe their works will encourage all of our audiences to try DIY TV mounting)  All of the photos come...
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