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Mounting Dream Gallery - Customer’s Full-Motion TV Mounting Show (Pictures)

We shared fantastic fixed TV mounting works last week. How do you like them? Regarding the feedback of the annual report in recent 5 years, full-motion TV mounts are the new stars over fixed ones. Indeed, full-motion TV mounts enable your screen to tilt, turn and extend. It offers a better watching experience and helps to decor your home in a modern way. 

Many people believe that installing a full-motion TV wall mount is more complicated than mounting a fixed type. This is true - It may take 30 mins more than mounting a fixed one by yourselves. But it deserves! Let’s have a look at the full-motion works In this blog! And we believe these works will encourage all of our audiences to try a DIY TV mounting ;) 

*All of the photos come from customer reviews of Mounting Dream.

Mount the TV with Mounting Dream #fullmotiontvwallmount 

A full-motion TV wall mount is the most popular and it is powerful, which offers the best home cinema experience. It will help the TV always face you. The price is range from $25 to hundreds - which is higher than the fixed one but still quite affordable.  


  (Mounting Dream MD2413-MX. Price $27.99. Above photo via a Canada customer)

 (Mounting Dream MD2377. Price $31.99. Above photo via UK customers)

 (Mounting Dream MD2377. Price $31.99. Above photo via Canada customers)

 (Mounting Dream MD2298. Price $84.99. Above photo via Canada customers)

Vraiment ca vallait le coup! Très solide, bouge dans tous les sens et fonctionne tres bien pour ma 55 pouces.” - Canada Customer


How do you like their works? To view more customer works, please visit our Instagram page 


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