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Mounting Dream MD2380 Customer Feedback

Mounting Dream MD2380 TV wall mount is one of our annual best sellers since 2016. The Mounting Dream MD2380 holds both a design patent and an invention patent. It is not a pricy piece at all, MD2380 only costs less than $45, owns 4.8 high-rate on Amazon.

Mounting Dream MD2380 is a full-motion TV wall mount. It enables your device to tilt, turn, and extend.

  • for most 32-55 inch flat screen
  • loads up to 99lbs 
  • fits VESA up to 400x400mm
  • fits 16" wood studs

Moreover, it is crazy easy to install it - The entire TV mount is pre-assembled. Thanks to its universal fit, easy install, and lovely price, 65% of the new customers consider MD2380 as their first choice. Here comes their experience & feedbacks.


Quality, Solid TV Mount is Versatile

I found the TV wall mount to be a quality, solidly constructed, articulating wall mount for my 55" TV. This model is designed for wall studs with 16" centers. Studs further apart require a different model.

It can also be mounted on solid wood or concrete. I mounted mine on cultured stone, which is made from concrete. 


Music Chick

Mounting Dream is the best, hands down. 

Mounting Dream has me as a customer for life. (...) They think of everything. The instructions are clear. They could NOT make it simpler for you to mount your television.  

We sent a Hail Mary email to the customer service department of Mounting Dream to see if they could figure out which wall mount we needed to buy for my another old TV. This customer service response was the most amazing frigging email I have ever read. I mean this is the kind of customer service you would expect in 1959, not in 2019. This was INSANELY good customer service. 


Adam Kretowicz

Perfect fit for my 55" Samsung KS8000

The Mounting Dream MD2380 perfect fit for my 55" Samsung KS8000. The Samsung's bolt pattern is VESA 16"x16", which is the limit on this TV mount. It fit perfectly. It just took me about 10 minutes to figure out which combination of spacers and washers to use beneath the TV and brackets. This kit comes with a neat template you can tape to your wall (comes with 3M strips) to help you drill out the hole pattern. It also includes two bubble levels.


A really good TV mount!

The MD2380 Mounting Dream comes ready to attach to your wall and your TV. No extra assembly required! My 46" Samsung TV was easy to attach to the mounting bars with the supplied bolts ( comes with 5-6 different size and length screws for connecting to your TV. Thank You) 


Best Universal TV Mount for the Money! 

I decided to wall mount an older (heavy) 42" Plasma in my daughter's bedroom. This kit is so universal that it has spacers, bolts, washers, etc. to accommodate all variations of mounting requirements, as well as most VESA sizes. It was super easy to install, and it's solid and robust.. I have the TV away from the wall with the arms extended 30 degrees to one side, plus the TV is tilted down a few degrees. It doesn't move at all, it's so firmly in place and I couldn't be happier!


The brand name says it all! No need to look further!

The brand name says it all! I mounted my Panasonic Viera 50" TV which weighs a ton in about 40 minutes of the package arriving at my door. This thing has many many adjustment capabilities and feels absolutely solid!

I never even opened the instruction book. Didn't have to. The entire TV mount is pre-assembled. Its nothing more than making sure your studs are 16" on center, finding the stud you want to start with, mark center of the stud where you want to mount at, drill, insert one screw and snug to make sure the bracket will not move on you, level the bracket, mount opposing screw snugly, drill 2 bottom holes, insert the screws and tighten everything up and mount the TV. You're done!

Look no further, at this price and the outstanding quality, you will not be disappointed!

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