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5 Facts to Consider When Mounting the TV Above the Fireplace

Can I mount the TV above the fireplace?

If you just purchased a thin, flat-screen TV, I am sure “where to place it” must be the first question you raised. And you turned your eyes to the fireplace - how awesome it will be if the TV above the fireplace! A modern, contemporary living room is indeed your taste!

However, you were worrying about some of the unknowns at the same time. Will the heat reduce the lifespan of my new 4k TV? Is it too high to have a comfortable view of the TV above the fireplace? And, you may doubt, is it easy to mount the TV over the fireplace? In this blog, we are going to answer these questions and offer solutions for those who desire to mount the TV above the fireplace.

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 To start with, the answer is “Yes” regarding the question “Can I mount my TV above the fireplace?”. But it is NOT applicable for all TVs & fireplaces. Please check the following 5 points first.

  1. An Electronic Fireplace or a Traditional Fireplace?

  2. Is it too high for comfortable viewing if mount TV above the fireplace?

  3. Do you have any additional devices?

  4. Is it easy to hide all the wires?

  5. Which TV Mount to pick?

  • An Electronic Fireplace or a Traditional Fireplace?

tv mount above fireplace

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It is relatively simple to mount a TV above the fireplace if yours is an electronic one. The main fact you have to pay attention to is heat output. According to the data from StylishFireplaces, at 5000 BTU’s or less, the heat output of an electric fireplace will be safe to a TV above it. 

A traditional fireplace generates a lot of heat and emits smokes. Before you think of mounting a TV above it, light a fire and check the temperature first. For example, Samsung TVs should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Secondly, it must be a mantle (or a far distance) between the TV and the fireplace, to deflect some of the heat away from the TV.

As importantly, the inputs. Please make sure there is an input above the fireplace. And in this case, select carefully on the TV mounts - some of the TV brackets might block the inputs.

  • Is it too high for comfortable viewing if mount TV above the fireplace?

tv mount above fireplace

TV above the fireplace - picture via mounting dream

Yes but depends. The TV should be at eye-level or slightly above for the best viewing angle. Otherwise, people may suffer from neck strain. How to measure if it is eye-level of not? Here is a quick tip via Samsung: you can mount your TV 42 inches from the floor to the centre of the TV. This should meet the approximate eye level of someone who is 5 feet 6 inches tall sitting on a standard couch. 

What if my fireplace is slightly taller and it is impossible to mount the TV around 42 inches from the floor? The solution is simple. Get a tilt TV mount. The tilt TV mount will help to pose the TV forward and reduce the glare. However, if it is more than 65 inches from floor to center, it is better to get a mantle mount, which will solve all the problems at the same time, might burn a hole in your wallet. 

  • Do you have any additional devices?

tv mount above fireplace

tilt TV mount above the fireplace - picture via mounting Dream

TV barely works alone. Most of the customers prefer to incorporate a soundbar with it since the thin TVs turn out to be a bit weak in sound effects. In this case, when selecting the TV mounts, you can take a soundbar bracket into consideration. It will help to hold your Sonos soundbar down or above the TV, without occupying the mantle. Your TV may also work together with a cable box, game console, or Roku. Make sure you have preserved some space for those gadgets. 

  • Is it easy to hide all the wires?

tv mount above fireplace

picture via lcdplasmainstallation

Perhaps one of the main reasons to mount a TV over a fireplace is to create a decluttered modern looking. Well, a mess of wires might destroy the entire effort. Either run wires behind the wall or conceal them with cord covers is a great solution. Back to the 3rd point, if you have other devices, please take these wires into consideration as well.

  • Which TV Mount to pick?

tv mount above fireplace

    All of the Mounting Dream TV wall mounts can hold your TV above the fireplace. 

    If you just want a quick recommendation, forexample, if you ask which ones are the hot seller in "above fireplaces", the answer is MD2268-LK and MD2198. MD2268-LK is a tilt TV wall mount that able to hold TVs from 37-70''. The mount only costs around $27. The other is MD2198, which is a full-motion, easy-centered TV wall mount. The TV wall mount enables your TV slide along with the wall mount, and you can lock it in your desired location.

    In this blog, we outlined the potential problems that TV above the fireplace. If you are not sure about any points in it, just leave us a comment below! 


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    26 Nov 2020 Taylor Hansen
    I appreciate the advice about getting a tilt TV mount to reduce glare. I’m wanting to upgrade my TV and mount it above the fireplace soon. It sounds like a smart idea to go for a tilted one so it doesn’t have a glare on it.

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