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How to hang a TV on the wall? Official Guidance by Mounting Dream

A TV wall mount service costs around 100 dollars in America. Have you ever thinking of mounting it by yourselves? Generally, it only takes around 40 minutes for a customer (a customer like you, not a professional installer at all) to have it done. The only suggestion is to grab a friend together with you because lifting your heavy 4k TV screen is safer with 2 people. 

Now we believe you already have chosen the TV bracket which suits both your wall and TV screen. (Not yet? Click here to know about how to choose) Let’s start with the tools you will need.

what tools we need to mount a tv

Pre. All the tools we will need

Stud finder
Tape measure
Bubble level
Drill bit

Socket wrench

how to mount a tv on the wall

Find the certain location you are going to mount the TV on. Mark it.

Step 1. Use the stud finder to locate the wool studs in your wall. Remember that the TV wall mount must be installed with wood studs, not with drywall. Mark where are the wood studs and measure the distance. 

The height should be at eye level. You can ask your friend sitting on the couch to figure out the most comfortable level. Or if you are not sure, follow the universal law: height is 42’’ from the floor to the centre of the TV.

how to mount a tv on the wall

 photo via digitaltrends

Step 2. Feature the wall plate onto the wall. Just hold it onto the wall, and place the bubble level on the top rail. The bubble level will tell you if the wall plate is in a horizontal position. Mark the position. 

Mount the wall plate onto the wall.

how to mount a tv on the wall

Step 3. Pre-Drill the pilot holes on the wall

Before you screw in the TV mount, you’ll need to drill pilot holes. How deep should I drill into the wall? Please check carefully the manual of your wall mount. It will tell how deep to drill and which screws to use. Remember that the drill bit for the pilot hole will need to be just slightly smaller than the width of the screw. 

Step 4. Attach the wall plate on the wall

you can now attach the TV mount on the wall and drive in the screws or bolts using a socket wrench. Usually, all screws are included with your TV mount. 

Firm the bracket on the back of your TV

how to mount a tv on the wall

Step 5. Firm the bracket on the back of your TV screen (please make sure you are using the correct screws). One more to concern, do NOT use an electric drill in this step. It is too powerful to work on your TV.

picture via Mounting Dream online user manual of MD2298

Step 6. Do wall plate installation integrity test before hanging the TV with it. After making sure the load is great, grab your friend together and hang the TV in place, tighten the safety screws. 

Last but not least, adjust the angle.

Step 7. Adjust the angle/level/tilt that makes sure the TV offers the best view in your room.

how to hide wires

Plus, which is optional, to manage the cables and wires. If you want to make it look nice when you're done, you will need holes to run the cables in the wall. Cut a square hole in the middle of the wall plate into the drywall. And cut the other smaller hole 1 foot from the ground. You can do this step anytime. 

All done!

how to mount a tv on the wall

Easy right? With over 20 years’ experience in this specific industry, Mounting Dream gets feedbacks continuously from thousands of our customers who mount the TV by themselves. They include men, women, early adults, elders even 70-year-old ladies. “It is much easier than I thought.” Many of them leave us a likely comment after purchasing a bracket.

Have a try? Have a try!

*All manual pictures in this blog come from Mounting Dream online user manuals. All of Mounting Dream TV wall mount comes with a piece of a user manual in the package, which shows the installation in detailed steps with pictures. And if you lost it by accident, please go to the official website to get the PDF one. It is free to download.

*Different TV wall mount might be slightly different in their mounting steps. Please read through the manual carefully before getting started. Or if you prefer video guidance, you can try to search "brand name + model name + installation" (for example "Mounting Dream md2380 installation") on Youtube. 


26 Nov 2020 Ricky Mathews

Hello, Can you let me know when MD5425 is in stock please.
Regards, Ricky.

09 Sep 2020 NJ Homeservices

Thank you for the article, found it very beneficial. As we’ve just started our TV Mounting service company and came across your article on the subject. Really thank you for taking the time to educate us on installing mounts as well as angle adjusting that will support better viewership. Because just only thought you place the mount in one place and that will work boy was I wrong..

18 May 2020 Royce D Beacom
My tilt function will not stay fixed. This is after tightening the tilt screws as much as possible

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