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How do you know if a mount block the input of your TV or not?

How can you make sure that a mount won’t block the input of your TV when you decide which TV mounts to buy?

Hire a professional local installer to mount your TV to a wall could be convenient and safe, but also costly. It might occur to you that you should DIY it, but you may have problems in deciding which TV mount to buy at the first beginning. The very important you should care about is will it block your TV inputs or not. Here we show you how to do it by yourself without turning to the mount seller and waiting for several days.

1. what the VESA pattern is:

VESA is an acronym for the Video Electronics Standards Association covers the aforementioned mounting hole patterns located on the back of your TV standardized screw-hole positions followed by All major TV and TV mount manufacturers to ensure that their products are compatible with one another.

Usually the following standards are most seen on the market:

75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 200x100mm, 300x200mm, 400x200mm, 400x300mm, 500x300mm, 600x400mm.

And the first number is the horizontal distance between the left and right holes and another number is the vertical distance between the top and bottom holes. For example, if your TV VESA hole is 300x200mm, that is to say the horizontal distance is 300mm while the vertical distance is 200mm.

2. Where can you find the VESA hole

It will be found in the user manual in the installation part by most TV manufactures which also tells you what kind of screws you should use on the website of the TV brand. You can search your full model number on the website and then check the VESA in the specification part or you can measure by yourself.

3. Where are the inputs of your TV:

The location of the TV inputs could vary from TV brand to brand. Some inputs are located on the side of the TV. In this case, there is no such blocking issue; almost every mount on the market will fit your TV as long as it can load your TV up. 

A. If your TV is in transit and you have no access to paper user manual/instruction, you may visit your seller’s website to download PDF user manual.

B. But some TV brands design the inputs of their TV on the back panel which made it very delicate to tell if the mount will block the inputs or not. In this case, you can

Step 1. Check the distance of VESA hole and inputs of your TV.

Step 2. Find the measurement of the mount plate that will be attached to your TV from the mount user manual which usually could be download from the website.

Step 3. Draw the horizontal and vertical measurement of the mount plate on a paper or something and then cut it out.

Step 4. Put the sketch on the panel of your TV and adjust it to see if it will block the input or not. If it does not block, then the mount will be perfect. If no, then change another mount with a different plate.

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