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How to Manage Cables after Wall Mounting a TV?

A TV mounted without cable organized is not a completed work. Most of the customers explained that they are glad to manage these naughty cables, but don’t know how. Let alone it takes over 50 dollars to call an installation team to hide the cables - it is expensive.

Save your money and DIY it then! It is only a 15-min’s work. 

There are 2 basic ways to organize it. On the wall or behind the wall.

To hide them on the wall, you will need a raceway to cover the cables. To hide them in the wall, we need to drill holes, which is a bit complicated, but it is much safe and neater. 

Here comes the guidance of “hide the cables on the wall”.

What you will need: cord cover kit, raceway (metal or plastic), ruler, handsaw, screwdriver, paint

Let’s begin!

  1. Check your cord cover kit. It should include cable channels, type, screws and anchors. 

  2. Measure the length of your visible cables. Cut the raceway into the same length with the handsaw.

  3. Organize the cords, keep them straight, do not let them twist.

  4. Mount the cord cover. Tighten it with a screwdriver.

  5. Paint the channel using the same colour you have had on your wall

  6. Well done!

Easy right? And if you are not satisfied enough to challenge yourself with this DIY, just keep reading - you should love the second guide - run the cables inside the wall.

Here comes the guidance of “hide the cables in the wall”, which will give you the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing look.

What you will need: TV cable organizer kit (with power solution), stud finder, hole saw, fish tape,goggles

  1. Use the stud finder to locate your wood studs inside the wall. Avoid the wood studs when drilling holes.

  2. Make sure the placement of the 2 holes. One is near the TV mount, the other should be at the bottom, right straight the first one. 

  3. Wear on the goggles to protect your eyes, drill the holes. Some of the organizer kits include the hole saw. If you do have one, simply press the saw against the wall where you want the hole to be, and twist the handle in a clockwise motion. Less than 10 twists and you should have a perfectly smooth, even hole.

  4. Bundle the cords. Insert the bundled cords into the top hole. From the bottom hole, using the fish tape to guide the cords and pull them through the hole.

5. Re-hang the TV. Connect all the cords. All done! 

You are an audio-video cabling in-wall concealment professional now. Which solution do you like better? Give it a try!


 *All the photos in this blog are from our customer's review. Thank you all!

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26 Nov 2020 Wilfredo
Could you tell me how much it costs for one of your technicians to come and install it in my house 🏠 the television bracket on the wall., I live hagerstown MD 21740 my television is a 55 "Samsung curved model, thank you. Do you have any phone number to dial them

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