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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Mounting the TV

Usually, A TV bracket comes with a step-by-step manual to ensure that you mount it right. However, according to our feedback from customers and installation teams, there are still some mistakes that people made in their mounting process. In some cases, people have to halt their work, correct the wrong steps and mount it again; Even worse is, some people didn’t realize what the problem is until the TV fell to the floor - terrible stories. In this blog, we have collected the 5 frustrating mistakes that many people make. Read this before DIY mounting your TV to avoid any risks.

  1. Never use the inappropriate TV bracket

Every wall mounting bracket comes with a certain capacity. It can only hold TVs of a particular weight and size. Even if most of the TV wall mounts, which get through the UL test, can withstand 4 times of the weight capacity, it is not a good idea to challenge it. Before buying a TV bracket, ensure its compatibility with your TV in all aspects, including TV VESA, weight capacity, size and wall type. If you want to purchase a mounting Dream TV wall mount but being lazy to check everything, you can send an email to, attach your TV model and wall type, our professionals will recommend the proper one for you.

  1. It is WRONG to mount your TV on a drywall 

It will be super costly if you install your TV on the drywall without a wood stud - It may take over 500 dollars - a certain amount should depend on the price of your TV - It may fall off. 

Even some YouTubers made a video and claimed that it is no problem to do it, Mounting Dream won’t suggest anyone take the risk. If you have to mount the TV on the wall without a wood stud, please find help to your local installation team to see if they have professional and safe solutions.

  1. The inputs should not be blocked

The location of the TV inputs could vary from TV brand & model. Some inputs are located on the side of the TV, which hardly has blocking issues; While some others’ inputs might be located in the back of the TV, this will be a bit complicated. In this case, it is better to carefully choose the right TV bracket.

Here is a quick link to more details: How do you know if the mount blocks the input of your TV or not? Moreover, if you intend to corporate soundbars, Xbox together with your TV, please make sure you have a plan to organize the cables.

    4. Don’t let your TV face to the sun

Maybe you set the TV at the proper height, perfectly leveled, absolutely centered, while it faces to the window, which has plenty of sunshine going through, I am afraid that will end up with you having to keep your blinds shut to watch the TV. There are two options to avoid plunging yourself into darkness; firstly make sure your location is not in the direct angle of the sun’s glare. The other option is to use a full-motion bracket that allows you to turn the TV screen away from the glare when it becomes obscure.

     5. Consider the cables, remotes, and devices

you will have to coordinate and calibrate all your devices – cable, media player, video game consoles, smart home assistant, et cetera. Remind to preserve space for them, especially when you are mounting a TV above the fireplace, where the space is limited. In your mounting process, if any cables/connectors are blocked by the wall mount, use the spacers to create a little bit of space for them.

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07 Sep 2020 Kurt Croll
I have an lg 49NANO85UNA tv. Do you know if the MD2380-24 will block the cable ports, or will it be fine?

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