Mounting Dream is a professional and reliable manufacturer in AV/TV mounts. Over 27 years, we hold 29 design & technology patents. No matter if you are a professional TV installer, or a purchasing agent of a construction project, as long as you need TV mounts in bulk, you are our top client.

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How to get Mounting Dream TV mounts at wholesale prices?

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Renewed TV brackets 50% off: For returns from retail customers due to thoughtless purchase, we check and ensure items are usable and like new with all kits included. Inventoy limited, first come, first serve.

Discounted Pricing lists and buy TV Mount at the listed discount price as long as you hit the MOQ at checkout!

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Exclusive and crazy discounts for TV Mounts under 100 pcs: Wholesale purchase under 100 pieces for installers, startups, small business owners, please fill in the form below and quote will be provided in 24 hours once we receive the info you put in the following form.

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When can I receive the TV mounts after making an order? Can we pick them up by ourselves?

Our warehouses are in LA and NJ. It usually takes 2-6 days to delivery your order. Shipping is free.

You can local pick up the items at our warehouse in LA. Here is the local pick up price without shipping costs where you can place your order directly. Please contact to schedule pick up after place your order.

About Mounting Dream B2B Project

All professional TV installers love great and affordable TV mounts. Indeed, a perfect TV mount for installers should be universal fit, easy to install to save up their time, and the most important, be affordable. This is what Mounting Dream offers - High-quality TV mounts at low-cost in bulk.

Mounting Dream is the leader in AV/TV wall mount manufacture, offering a one-stop shop for everything you need. We have more than 27 years of experience, hold 29 design and technology patents.

Our B2B team works closely with TV installers and project managers in the USA. Mounting Dream offers the best product in bulk price and supports small businesses to grow.