Mounting Dream offers a special discount for installers or small business with the upcoming Black Friday. 

MD2380-24K, MD2296, MD2296-24K, MD2298, and MD2198 are sold at the cheapest price in the near 5 years. Those prices are only available until 27th Nov, 2021.
There are 2 ways to place an order.
1. you can simply click the product title and add the items to cart, process to checkout. 
2. You can send us an email to ans tell us which model and what quantity you need. We will send an invoice through email.  
SKUTypeTV SizeLoadingStudsQuantityPrice/PC
MD2380-24KFull Motion26-55''99llbs24''2 pcs or above$34.00
MD2296Full Motion42-70''100lbs16''2 pcs or above$48.00
MD2296-24KFull Motion42-70''100lbs24''2 pcs or above$49.00
MD2298Full Motion42-75''132lbs24''1 pc or above$69.00
MD2198Full Motion42-70''100lbs24''1 pc or above$73.00
Here is the latest pricing list if you want to buy other TV mounts. 

Pricing List (11/19/2021)
ModelPicTV SizeLoadingStudsVesa PatternPrice/pcBulk PriceMin 
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26-55"100 lbs16"Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
$16.99$10.498Buy Now
-22 lbs/-$19.99$14.0012Buy Now
26-55"88 lbs16"Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
$19.99$16.008Buy Now
42-70“132 lbs24"Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
$24.99$17.006Buy Now
42-70"100 lbs24"Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
$27.99$19.996Buy Now
MD2413-MX26-55"60 lbs/Max:400x400mm
Min: 100x100mm
$27.99$21.004Buy Now
MD2268-LK37-70"132 lbs24"Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
$26.99$21.996Buy Now
42-85"132 lbs32"Max:800x400mm
$35.99$30.996Buy Now
26-55"99 lbs16"Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
$39.99$32.002Buy Now

Most renewed products are also sold at a better price than usual. First come, first serve!