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Why TV mount

What is the Best Way to Accommodate TV Screens?

A TV is not only an electronic appliance but also a get-together time entertainment set for families. To set the TV in the right place, where offers the best home theater experience at the same time keeps the space amenity, is always a challenge.

There are a few ways that we can settle the TV - with a TV table, with a wall-mount set, a ceiling-mount or more. Here we are going to introduce 3 main ways to deal with the TV screen, and gives clear guidance in choosing the ideal one for your home.

Table TV Wall Mount Mounting Dream

TV table - picture via Walmart

Let’s start with the TV table. It is a piece of great furniture for a traditional or a country style home. The table is always acting as an organizer thanks to the drawers and tiers built with it. However, a table is stable enough but too large and bulky. It is not an easy task to choose a TV stand if you already have all the other furniture in your room. Because the TV table has to be consistent with your interior style. Various wood color makes a big difference visually. One of the advantages is, it is easy to place the TV on a table, without considering the plugs, VESA, and more. Just place it, and all done. Moreover, if you have no idea in choosing a TV table, a tv stand would be a great alternative choice to hold your TV.

tv wall mount ideas
tv wall mount ideas
tv wall mount ideas
tv wall mount ideas

wall-mounted TV - picture via Mounting Dream

One of the most popular solutions is hanging the TV onto the wall. It might be the smartest way to deal with TV screens. First of all, it saves up space in your room by keeping your TV close to the wall. Most of the mounts on the market allow you to manipulate your TV on the wall easily, especially full motion TV wall mount. It allows you to articulate your TV so you can keep it the desired distance from the wall, and also a full-motion TV bracket allows you to swivel your television let or right to accommodate the best viewing angle wherever you are in your room.  Also hanging TV to the wall keeps your baby or pet from reaching it, you get a safe baby and safe TV. The last but most important people consider less on interior design style when choosing the wall-mount set; moreover, most of the wall-mounts are fully DIYable, people can install it in an hour by themselves! Besides, the price is lovely (average price on amazon: around $35).

ceiling TV mount - picture via hxos plus

If you are looking for a TV bracket for a company, a bar, or an outdoor entertainment area, a flip-down ceiling mount is the best choice. If you would like to, how about a cool electric motorized bracket? 

Mounting Dream TV bracket

various of TV wall mounts - picture via Mounting Dream

How to choose the right wall mount for TV? The first thing you need to do is check the Spec of your TV and the compatibility of the wall. The size, weight of your TV screen, and pay attention to your wall structure & material type (wood studs or concrete wall) matter.

There are thousands of models (TV mount), which fits different TV brands, sizes, and models. when not fits, the mounting won’t work with the TV screen. Usually, the merchant provides very details of the product in the product description to make sure the mount you bought will work. Please check that important info before you make the decision.

Installing the TV bracket should be much easier than you thought. Most of the reliable brands, like Mounting Dream, always attach a detailed installation template with the product. Moreover, it offers a variety of accessories like screws (in labeled bags), bubble levelers, HDMI, and more. The installation process can be easy and fun thanks to the friendly guidance. 


Mounting Dream Mounting Hard Ware

Template & accessories in the package - via Mounting Dream

Isn’t it easy? We believe that you guys are more creative in dealing with your TV. Come and share your brilliant experience with us!

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