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TV Tip Overs Still a Big Problem - Ways to Prevent From It

A fact according to Consumer Report (America) - On average, one child dies every two weeks because a TV or furniture fell onto him or her. Between 2000 and 2017, more than 340 people were killed by a television tipping over, about 3/4 of them are younger than 6. If we check recent data, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) data 2015-2017, tip-overs involving TVs caused an average of 8,200 injuries a year. (James K. Willcox, 20 March 2019)

How terrible!

Furniture tip-overs has been a hidden hazard in people’s home for years. A TV, a dresser, a freestanding mirror - anything can leave your kid, even an adult at risk. 

Why does the accident happen?

You might think that furniture is heavy enough to stay stable, and your thin TV or other appliance at home is relatively lightweight, which means less risk - sorry but this is wrong.

Risk No.1: Children climbing the dresser with the drawers

picture via ivaluesafety

A dresser is one of the most dangerous furniture because it has drawers and shorter than other furniture like a closet. Parents may believe it is safe and pays less attention to it. However, it is the #1 risk because some children pull out drawers and use them as a step to climb. It is not a frightening saying but already happens in families. If there is an appliance, like a TV set placed on it, the result will be even worse.

The government realized how serious the dresser tip-over could be. According to the news on 15 October, which published on Customer Report, About 1 Million dressers in the U.S. are recalled after failing government safety tests. In the test, the 29¾-inch Belmont dresser also failed, which is fairly short.


Risk No.2: TV tip-overs

picture via nextdaytechs

A general idea is a modern thin TV screen is lightweight & safe than the old-fashioned buckle one. A modern flat TV is thinner indeed, however, it has larger screens. This is one reason. The other is, which is more likely to cause a risk is the place people put it. 

It is the worst idea to put a TV on the dresser, as we discussed in the #1 risk before. Outside the bedroom, people may place a TV on cabinets, tables, which is the most traditional way, is not safe either. Sometimes parents put toys, snacks, or remote devices nearby the TV on the table, the kids try their best to get it - serious alarm again. 


Risk No.3: Children alone in the room

picture via psychologytoday

When children are alone in the room, they consider the whole space as a playground. They run, creep, climb, and jump. Moreover, Via CPSC, almost half of tip-over deaths happen in the bedroom, sometimes after a child has napped, and parents don’t know when he woke up and did something crazy. 


How to stay safe from furniture tip-over?

Here are 2 useful tips. They are both easy, practical and saves budget.


Solution No.1: Wall-mount the TV

picture via Mounting Dream


Wall-mount the TV. Again, wall mounts it, please. Mount the TV on the wall is the most effective way to reduce TV tip-over up to now. There are lots of TV wall mount packs in the market, online or offline, to meet different TV models. Most of them include templates, tools and accessories, to help customers mount it by themselves. Mounting Dream (link to Youtube installation video) offers a series of solutions on wall-mounting a TV.


Solution No.2: Anchor furniture

picture via babycenter


Securing a large piece of furniture may take only minutes, and it saves a life. especially if you have children at home. An anchor kit typically including two brackets tethered by a strap. One bracket screws directly into the piece of furniture; the other fastens into a stud in the wall. We suggest securing cabinets, bookcases, dressers or any heavy-duty piece of furniture with it. For more details about anchoring furniture, Mounting Dream suggests going to for step-by-step videos and guides.


Do you have ideas or experience in keeping children safe from furniture tipping over? Share your brilliant opinion with us in the comment.


If you find yourself have to mount the TV on the wall, please visit to choose the proper TV mounting pack for your TV. For further information, or need a recommendation in choosing your TV wall mount, please email to feedback will be offered in 48 hours.




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