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10 Reasons to Have a TV Wall Mount | Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts

10 Reasons to Have a TV Wall Mount

Thinking of investing in a TV wall mount? You’re certainly not alone. Full motion mounts are easy to install, affordable and give you the best viewing position to watch your favorite TV shows. In fact, these days, most TVs are now designed and built to be mounted onto the wall. Whether you’re looking to maximize your space at home, reduce an annoying glare from a window, or make movie time more magical, a TV wall mount from Mounting Dream, can take your viewing experience to the next level. Here are 10 reasons why you should mount your TV on the wall.

1: Prevent Accidents at Home

If you have an expensive TV sitting on a TV stand, and a young family at home, this combination will likely end in an accident. TV stands can be bulky, heavy and easy to bump into. When you rest a TV on a stand, there is a chance that it can fall over, putting your family and pets at risk. Using a TV wall mount instead, will secure your TV against the wall and prevent accidents at home. Mounting Dream has over 10 years of industry experience designing and developing the highest quality TV wall mounts possible, to ensure your safety. This means that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy family time, without worrying about your TV falling off the TV stand.


2: Enjoy a Clearer Picture

If your room has windows, you’re going to experience the glare of light on your TV if you use a traditional TV stand. The only way to eliminate this issue is to lift your TV off the floor and use a Mounting Dream full-motion mount. The light will change as the day progresses, and the glare on your TV screen is going to move. This is why having the ability to tilt your TV and position it away from the glare throughout the day, will give you the best picture possible.


3: Maximise Space & Minimalism

If you appreciate a minimalist look and feel to your home, you’re going to love a TV wall mount. Freeing your room of bulky furniture, a TV wall mount will help you to create space. This is particularly important if you live in a small home or have limited space to put your TV. Many people like to watch TV in bed and a TV wall mount will really save space in your bedroom. Plus, let’s be honest, when a flat-screen TV sits against a wall, it just looks right!


4: Save Money With a TV Wall Mount

A wooden TV stand can cost anywhere from $100 up to $600. If you’re looking to modernise or update your home on a budget, why invest in such an unnecessary and dated piece of furniture? A Mounting Dream TV wall mount is an affordable and practical solution, that will ensure your home looks stylish and sophisticated.


5: Improve the Aesthetics

A TV wall mount allows you to hang a TV in almost any room in your home. In fact, some hotels even mount flatscreen TVs in the bathroom, to allow guests to watch a movie while taking a bubble bath. Full motion mounts are really a game-changer when it comes to interior design, and helps to instantly transform your home or a hotel room. Hang a TV in your bedroom for late-night movies, install a Mounting Dream TV wall mount in your kitchen to follow a recipe on TV, or add a TV to your home gym to exercise while watching Netflix, the possibilities are endless.


6: Reduce Eye Strain

If you suffer from eye strain, or your neck tends to ache while watching TV,  your TV is too low. Many TV stands are actually lower than eye level, causing you to strain your neck to watch. Now add the glare from windows and your eyes will also begin to suffer. For the best way to watch TV, choose a full-motion mount. If you’re sitting up straight on the sofa, make sure the angle of your TV feels comfortable. If you decide to lay down on the sofa, you can tilt the screen so that you don’t strain your neck as you watch a movie.


7: Flexibility Of Full Motion Mounts

These days we don’t just use the TV to watch TV shows and movies. In fact, many people will use their TV screen to watch YouTube videos and workout, video call friends and family, or browse online. Depending on what you’re doing will determine how you want your TV to be positioned. This is where Mounting Dream full-motion mounts come in so useful. Having the freedom and flexibility to get the best angle every time is why Mounting Dream TV wall mounts are so popular.


8: Hide Those Wires 

If you hate the sight of clutter, wires and cables coming from your TV screen are likely to drive you crazy. But, there is another option. Mounting your TV to the wall allows you to hide the cords and wires away from view, and also prevent kids or pets from touching them. This gives your TV a clean and minimalist look.


9: Enhance Your Gaming Experience

A study found that picture quality is significantly reduced when watching a TV that is positioned off centre or too high or too low. If you’re a gamer, you’ll want to take note of this, as it can be affecting your performance. Using a Mounting Dream TV wall mount, you can make sure that your TV screen is always in the best position possible before you start gaming.


10: TV Wall Mounts Are Super Easy to Install

It’s never been easier to hang your TV on the wall, thanks to Mounting Dream TV wall mounts. With a complete solution TV wall mount kit, you’ll have everything you need to hang your TV on the wall and make the most out of downtime. Choose full-motion mounts and easy to use tilting TV wall mounts for movie nights and binge-watching TV shows at home, or pick sturdy fixed wall mounts ideal for businesses. The choice is yours!


To browse the best TV wall mounts from Mounting Dream take a look at our online collection.

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