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Mounting Dream is Invited to Amazon Cross Border Summit Event

  • Theme of this years is "A World Without Boundaries". Mounting Dream is invited as one of the “highly praised brands by customer” on Amazon. 

Mounting Dream is invited to join in Amazon Cross Border Summit Event in Shanghai, on December 11th. The theme of this years is "A World Without Boundaries". Many of the leading brands who targeting the global market has been invited. Including Anker, Flyco, Naturehike, Proscenic and Mounting Dream.  Justin Sargent, President, Nielsen China, was invited to give a keynote speech.

As one of the “highly praised brand by customer” on Amazon, Mounting dream is asked to be one of the inspirational speakers at the plenary session. Mr Xiao, the owner & co-founder of Mounting Dream, shared his experience. He emphasised the core to keep a product as a best seller on Amazon is not rely on complex marketing strategy but simple - meet the true need of individuals and offer a high quality of products. Indeed, to invest a lot on marketing and advertising might boost sales in a certain period, but without an optimized product, it is hard to stand out in the long-run.   

Mr Xiao also took one of the new releases of Mounting dream as an example. The sample product ranks top 3 in its category within 14 days - it starts with ZERO review. The result surprised many guests present - it is pretty a challenge to sell on Amazon without a review, not to say ranks top! “This is how our principle works. True public praise is your product and service. ”


About Mounting Dream: Mounting Dream ® is a professional Manufacturer in AV/TV mount solutions. With over 20 years’ experience in this specific industry, we have introduced a series of user-friendly TV wall mounts that service thousands of families especially in the North American and Europe. Our products have been ranking on the top among TV wall mount brands on Amazon for over 5 years. Our star product, MD2268-lk, is the hottest (not “one of”) TV wall mount on Amazon - Every 3 minutes per piece sold and an American Family chooses it! Meanwhile, our Business customers like Walmart, Lowes, Costco, Target, Home Depot and Sam’s cover worldwide. 

About Amazon Cross Border Summit Event: The Cross Border Summit is a conference bringing together top e-commerce cross border business leaders from around the world to share expertise about business strategy, marketing, team building, and other strategies to keep on top of the global trends. It is one of the largest Amazon conferences on the planet will focus on teaching practical, up-to-date and actionable eCommerce strategies. 


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