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Build Your Home Cinema

How To Turn Your Regular Room Into A Home Cinema

Having a home cinema is a perfect way of staying at home and entertaining family and friends! Grab a big box of popcorn, make several cups of hot chocolate, lie in the recliner sofa, your favourite show is displaying in front. Not a winter is so cosy like today!

How to turn your living room into a home cinema? If you didn’t plan to invest a lot in buying the whole professional system and just want to spend a bit to create better acoustic & watching experiences, this blog is perfect for you.  

Here are the 4 key points we have to take in consideration:

Improve The Visual Experience

Improve The Acoustic Experience

Create a Comfortable Environment

Add Some Smart Home Techs!

Let's start with the visual experience.

Improve The Visual Experience

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The point is to get a high-resolution TV and place it at a proper distance from the seat. We didn’t recommend a projector because when coming to brightness, contrast, resolution, and the installation process, TV screens are always the winner. Only when you have an extra-large room that requires an extreme size of the screen, the projector will win. For people who are thinking of changing their old TV set, getting an LED TV screen instead is a good idea. A 1080P LED TV on Walmart is around $200, which is budget-friendly and ideal for a basic home cinema. 

About the viewing distance, a known rule is viewing distance (in inches)/2 = TV size. For a 50-inch HDTV, sitting around 8 feet away is ideal. We highly recommend you to hang the TV on the wall with a full-motion TV bracket. Therefore you are able to tilt, turn and extend the TV screen to get the best view. The process to mount it on the wall is not complex at all with the necessary tools and a well-guided manual. According to the feedback from people who installed mount by themselves, generally, 2 people can finish the installation within 40 mins.

Improve the Acoustic Experience

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To really immerse yourself in the film, investing a sound system to boost the whole experience is necessary. Mounting a soundbar has become a popular solution for families who like the idea of surround sound but have limited space. They are powerful enough to make up the sound of your thin TV originally has, and let Avengers Endgame sounds like Avengers Endgame, not Minnie Mouse. Moreover, a soundbar is easy to be mounted above or under your TV screen. 

An awesome soundbar knows how to take care of your sound experience. There are 3 key points when choosing a soundbar:

  1. Choose a soundbar with 3 or more channels; 
  2. Go with an active soundbar. 
  3. Buy from an authorized dealer. 

Typically, a real home theatre requires a separate amplifier and at least 5 speakers. The size of each speaker and the placement is very particular. We suggest asking a local professional team about how to build the whole system. If you just looking for a simple solution, a soundbar is able to do an upgraded work.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Picuture via. beseatedleatherfurniture

Believe me, besides the visual and sound, the couch is the soul of your home cinema. No matter the room acts as a regular living room or a home cinema, the couch is the great place that you settle yourself with. 

If you are intending to buy another couch or chairs, how about trying a recline massage chair? They are one of the best friends of a home cinema. A reclining chair will provide a prime viewing angle thanks to the recline function, at the same time, it massages gently to offer a full-body relax. You’ll be sitting in extreme comfort while watching the movie!

Add Some Smart Home Techs!

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You can use Alexa and Google Home to control your TV; while this is somewhat optional but recommended and a feature of most modern home theatres. If you already got a TV without a connection to Alexa or Google Home, it doesn’t mean the smart home plan can not come true - surprises can be placed everywhere in your room! 

An APP controlled dimmable light is a nice unit. Manage the lighting at your fingertip to reach the best lighting effect. Installing an electric curtain is another good idea - the curtain will automatically close when you turn your TV on - How cool! Another most budget-friendly idea is to use some smart plugs. Imagine you step into the home after work, alone, and the coffee maker already prepared a cup of hot coffee to warm you. A wonderful night awaits!

Life is good. Especially when immersing in your favourite movie. Hope the blog helps in the process of your home cinema project ;) 


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