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4 Eye-catching TV Wall Decor DIY Ideas

DIYing the TV wall and making it unique & eye-catching are one of the most fascinating parts of home decor projects. This blog will offer great inspiration with photos.  

TV Wall Colour

What is the easiest TV wall decor solution with the most possibilities? Wallpaper. It is easy to install and you will have thousands of patterns to choose from. 

If you live with some young kids and you want to keep things colourful and vivid, how about paint the TV wall in a bright poppy colour? That will be exactly eye-catching!

photo via veneerdesign

photo via Pinterest

Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are super flexible in their size and placement. It can act as selves, drawers or mini bookcases, and brings modern appeal to your home. You can also save space by mounting them directly to the wall. 

It is a little bit monotonous to have a wall with only floating shelves. While adding a mounted TV gives life to the wall. Moreover, thanks to the TV, you are turning a wall into an entertaining centre. 

photo via ins_dlcustomdesigns

photo via nextluxury

photo via IKEA


The best friend of a TV wall mount is a dresser. With the TV hanging on the wall, we can free up the previous dresser and set it under the TV. On one hand it creates an ideal place for soundbar, remote control and Bluetooth speakers; on the other hand, if you run the wires external to the wall, the dresser will help to hide the wires behind. 

photo via decorpad
photo via

Above a Fireplace

It creates a cosy vibe to have the TV above the fireplace. And, there’s no need to think about the wall colour, floating shelf, furniture or else - mount the TV above the fireplace is a complete decor plan. 

photo via Mounting Dream

photo via edytanndco

How do you like these TV wall decor ideas? Leave your comment with us :)


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